Thymus zygis (L.), leaves and flowers, 100% natural and from organic farming essential oil.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 2 or 3 drops (=0,06-0,09 ml) to aromatize 100 g of food.


FOR INTERNAL USE: 2-3 drops in a cube of sugar, or a spoon of honey/yogurt. Antiseptic, balsamic, carminative, immune boosting, expectorating, emmenagogue activity.

FOR EXTERNAL USE: If diluted, it can be used as massage oil in case of cellulite, rheumatic pains, joint pains. It can be inhaled in case of bronchitis, cold, flu, cough and sore throat.


PACKAGING: 10ml bottle with dropper

STORAGE: store in a cool dry place, away from direct light.

WARNING: concentrated product, do not use it pure. A wrong usage can cause health problems. Keep away from children’s reach. The expiration date applies to unopened and properly stored products. Do not use it during pregnancy.