Worldz: the social shopping

Share purchases, pay less

With Worldz you save money on your online purchases!

You are an influencer

When you share a post on Facebook, you are promoting just like an influencer! Increase numer of likes, comments and shares you recieve and increase your Worldz Wallet!

Fast and easy

Do your login in Worldz on e-commerces where you find our logo, select your products, share a post directly from the e-commerce and get your personal discount! Be a Social Advisor!


Fai diventare i tuoi clienti Advisor del tuo brand attraverso le loro condivisioni su Facebook.

Facebook Audience

I tuoi clienti possono consigliare i tuoi prodotti a centinaia di amici semplicemente dando loro uno sconto sui loro acquisti!

WOM Marketing

Gli Advisors sono più cool dei clienti. Loro parleranno del tuo brand a tutti i loro amici!

How it works

Worldz isn’t an app for smartphone.
You can know your popularity value just here making you Facebook login, and you can spend it on e-commerces where you find our logo. You’ll need to access to Worldz on e-commerces, choose your product and share the post when it’ll be required. So, you’ll get your personal discount of popularity!

Discover you Worldz Wallet!

Your Worldz Wallet is dynamic and changes everytime, and with every share!
Increase your Worldz Wallet sharing more and asking for likes, comments and interactions to your friends! Become a super cool Social Advisor!

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Joshua Priore
Founder, CEO and Digital Marketer
Marnix Groet
Investor and Advisor
Luca Aber
Business Angel and Advisor
Giovanni Catapano
CTO and Software developer
Barbara Grimaldi
Marketing Consultant
Giovanni Alessio
Business Developer
Luigi Caputo
CDO and Plugin Developer
Daniele Albanese
Strategic Partner
Simone Sanvito
Strategic Developer


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